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Provisional Driving Licence

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In most cases, once you reach the age of 17 you will be eligible to start learning to drive. You will first have to send off for a provisional driving licence because this enables you to start taking lessons. You will also need your provisional before you are able to take your theory test. You do need to pay for a provisional licence and you will need to complete the appropriate form before sending this off with your payment and any other documentation requested. If you hold a full car licence but wish to drive something bigger then you will need a provision licence for these vehicles too.

What The Provisional Licence Is Required For

The provisional licence is required for many things. Applying for one is the very first step towards driving your own car and while it may prove to be a long road it is an important one that will provide you with independence and many other benefits. You will need a provisional licence before you can start taking lessons and before you can take your theory test.

How To Apply

It is possible to apply for a provisional licence in a number of ways. Some Post Office branches will hold the D1 application form that is required and you can use the Form Checking service that they offer. In this case, the Post Office will check that you have the appropriate forms, process your payment, and then send your application to the DVLA. Alternatively, you can apply by post or you can now apply online which is a quick and convenient alternative to the other options.

Documents You Will Require

You will need to complete the D1 application form. This is a simple form that requests some personal information as well as details about the type of vehicle you want to learn to operate. You will also need some form of identification to confirm your identity (a passport, for example), a passport photograph, and a cheque or other form of payment to cover the cost of your provisional driving licence.

Provisional Licence Costs

The cost of a provisional licence may change from time to time but at the time of publishing the cost of a provisional licence is £50. You will need to have your photograph signed by a professional and reputable person and, often, this means using your GP. You may be asked to pay an administration fee for this service so don’t forget to include this cost when calculating how much you will need too.

Getting Insured As A 17 Year Old

If you are fortunate enough to have somebody willing to provide you with practice in between professional lessons or even more fortunate and pass your test when you are aged 17 you will soon find that insurance companies are not always willing to insurance 17 year old drivers. Unfortunately, at least in the eyes of insurers, 17 year old drivers are more prone to accidents and therefore represent a greater risk than more experienced and mature drivers. You should ensure that any car you learn to drive in or practice learning to drive in is properly insured before you get behind the wheel.

Provisional Driving Licence

Your provisional driving licence can open many doors for you. With it, you will be able to start driving lessons, take your theory test, and take your practical test. Once you have done all of this and passed both elements of the driving test (theory and practical) you will be free to drive your own car on the roads of the UK. You will gain considerably more independence, find it easier to get work, and enjoy many other benefits too, and it all starts with your provisional licence application.

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