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Pass Plus

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Pass Plus is a scheme that is aimed at new drivers and bids to ensure that they are skilled and knowledgeable once they pass their test and head out on the roads for the first time. Driving alone and on the roads for the first time can be daunting and there are many experiences that the new driver will have to endure that they will not have experienced during their lessons. One example is motorway driving because learner drivers are not permitted to drive on the motorway.

The Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a government initiative that is primarily aimed at new drivers within one year of having passed their test. It is designed to bridge the gap between driving under instruction and driving completely independently. Many people that have just passed their test can be very nervous when behind the wheel of a car. There are usually six sessions involved in the course, each of them taking one hour to complete so you will normally need a minimum of 6 hours to complete the whole thing.

Who Pass Plus Is Aimed At

The course is predominantly aimed at new drivers; those drivers that have passed their driving test within the last year. Accidents and fatalities are highest among this group of drivers and this is largely because of a lack of experience on the roads. Insurance companies are largely unwilling to insure this young generation of drivers because of the accident rate that they attract. It is possible to take the course at any age and even if you passed your test several years ago but the majority of people taking it will be young drivers that have only recently passed.

The Cost

In many areas of the country, local councils will subsidise the cost of the course. If you live in such an area then you will pay less for the course than if you lived in an area where it wasn’t covered by your local authority. You will still need to pay some of the cost but the savings that you can experience in car insurance and the confidence and competence that you gain should more than make up for this shortfall.

Where To Take Your Pass Plus Course

It is only a course and there is no test at the end of it. You will be given instruction and guidance but you do not have to achieve a specific level before you complete the course. As such, you do not need to take the course at or near a test centre. However, you should use an Approved Driving Instructor who has been approved as a Pass Plus instructor by the DSA. Ask to see the green badge which shows that the instructor is approved to give this course before you start learning.

Choosing An ADI

There are, of course, many approved instructors across the country although not all have been approved to give Pass Plus lessons. Check with your local authority because if they offer help with payment for the course then you will need to use one of the approved ADIs from the list provided. Your own instructor may be able to give you such lessons, otherwise you can contact local driving schools and ask about the courses, search online, or ask friends and family.

Course Details

When you start the course you will be given a copy of the Pass Plus Pupil’s Guide by your instructor. This gives accurate and detailed information about the course that you are about to take and it will give you everything you need to know about the various different elements of the tuition you are about to receive. You should expect the course to take a minimum of 6 hours in total, usually over a number of sessions, but it can take more if you need more time to get to grips with any of the sessions that are included.

The 6 Sessions

You will gain experience and learn how to drive better in town, out of town, in various weather conditions, at night, on dual carriageways, and on motorways. These are some of the more unusual and the more challenging aspects of driving a car especially if you have no experience with them. By taking the Pass Plus course you will gain the essential experience that will help ensure that you do not have unnecessary accidents.

Benefits Of Taking Pass Plus

The obvious benefit of taking the Pass Plus course is that it will help you become a better driver. It will give you experience that you cannot gain during lessons or while taking your test. What’s more, once you have satisfied the instructor that you have learnt enough you will receive a Pass Plus certificate from the DSA and this can help you gain insurance if you were struggling previously, and you will find some insurers offer a discount for those drivers that have successfully negotiated the Pass Plus scheme.

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