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Driving School Directory

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Consulting a driving school directory can help you choose the most suitable driving school or driving instructor for your needs. There are many different schools and instructors located across the country and this means that you can choose the one that best suits your aims and requirements while also offering affordable access to the instruction, courses, and examinations that you require. Learning to drive can really change your life, offering independence and even opening the door to new career and employment opportunities, but it is important that you not only learn enough to pass your test but to ensure that you are confident and competent when driving independently.

Passing Your Test

The examination has changed a little for new drivers but the aim is still basically the same as it has been for many years – to pass your test and receive a full UK driving licence. This means that you will be able to drive on UK roads without having to have anybody accompanying you and this can prove you with freedom, independence, and opportunities.


Most students will take a one hour lesson every week but it is possible to have lessons more or less frequently and it is possible to have lessons that are a little shorter or longer than this one hour segment. This is the typical format, however, and research shows that it will take around 40 to 50 hours of lessons with an approved driving instructor in order to have the best chance of success. Backing this up by driving under the supervision of a friend or family member can help further cement the lessons that you learn and ensure a greater chance of success.

Choosing An Instructor

Choose an instructor or school from the driving school directory which offers the flexibility that you require. Most instructors will offer evening or weekend lessons because this is when most people want to learn but you should ensure that this is the case before assuming. If you can take lessons during the working day then you may actually find it easier to locate an instructor that has the time and available slots for you to use. It can pay dividends to have some night time lessons to help ensure that you can drive under these circumstances.

Value For Money

Cost is important but you should look for value for money rather than the cheapest available option. For example, if one particular driving school has exceptional pass rates but slightly higher fees then this means that you will have to pay for fewer lessons, you will be driving your own car sooner, and you may actually end up paying less to learn to drive than with a company that offers really cheap lessons.

Additional Discounts And Features

When looking through a driving school directory also consider bulk booking discounts and other ways to save. If you need an automatic or a car fitted with specialist controls then this will narrow your options but there are many driving schools and instructors that specialise in this type of service so do look around to ascertain whether you could benefit from this type of service or not. Intensive courses may be provided by some schools and while these can prove beneficial and help get you on the road sooner, they may not prove the best options for everybody.

Driving School Directory

A driving school directory provides you with a list of quality driving instructors and driving schools that can give you the confidence, knowledge, and experience that you need to help take you through the learning experience to become a fully qualified and competent driver. Look for value for money and the level of flexibility that you require to enjoy the best experience.

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