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Advanced Driving Instructors

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Advanced driving instructors can help prepare you for the advanced driving test. Taking and passing this test will help ensure that your driving skills are higher than they were prior to the learning of advanced methods and prior to taking your advanced test. You will be better equipped to spot hazards that may be emerging but you will also be taught how to drive more efficiently and more economically. There are also a number of skills taught by advanced driving instructors that are not touched upon during standard lessons.

Increased Hazard Awareness

Potential hazards are all around us while driving but once they become a developing hazard this means that there is the very real chance that they could cause an accident. With advanced driving lessons we are taught how to identify such hazards, how to spot if they are developing into a genuine cause for alarm, and what to do in order to avoid the hazard once it becomes a potential danger. This helps to make us much safer as a driver which means improvements not only for you and your passengers but for other road users too.

Economic Driving Skills

Through the use of advanced driving instructors it is possible to master more economical driving skills too. Petrol prices are constantly on the rise and filling up is becoming more of a trial than ever before because of this. Driving economically means braking and accelerating, changing gear, and performing other actions at the most appropriate time that will not lead to the unnecessary use of the petrol in our tank.

Advanced Driving Skills

Advanced driving instructors can help teach many of us skills that we simply do not have. Standard driving lessons only teach us very basic skills in order to ensure that we can safely handle a car while on the roads. We are taught how to speed a car up and slow it down, and some basic manoeuvres. With advanced driving we learn many techniques to keep petrol consumption down which not only saves money but also reduces the amount of petrol you consumer and even the carbon emissions produced when driving.

Improving Your Driving Skills

Improved driving typically means that you will have fewer accidents. You will be able to avoid minor bumps and steer clear of hazards that develop around you. Not only does this mean that you will be more confident behind the wheel but it also means that you will be able to protect your no claims discount for longer – longer no claims discount means reduced prices for your insurance over a longer period of time. A saving of a couple of hundred pounds every year soon adds up to a significant sum.

Improving Confidence

A lot of people do not enjoy the sensation of driving and this is often because they do not have a good level of confidence while driving. Through experience of driving at night, in the rain and other difficult conditions, and by being given instruction on how to drive more safely you can enjoy a reduced risk of being involved in accident. This means greater confidence when behind the wheel and this also means that you should experience more enjoyment when driving, even in the most unusual and awkward driving conditions.

Advanced Driving Instructors

Advanced driving instructors can help provide you with the knowledge and skills that are required to drive more safely and experience fewer accidents, reduce the amount you spend on petrol, and minimise the cost of your insurance premiums thanks to extended no claims discount periods. Drivers obviously need an existing licence and it is often advised that you have held a licence for 12 months. Throughout the magazine you will find high quality, high resolution images of the tractors that are discussed in the articles.

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