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Finding An Approved Driving Instructor

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An Approved Driving Instructor can help you learn to drive and pass your test quickly and easily. It is important that you choose a qualified and certified driving instructor, and doing so will help improve your chances of getting your license and being a safe driver when compared to using a friend or family member to teach you. Check that your instructor has full accreditation and that you get along with them but do remember that you can change instructor if you wish.

Why You Need An Instructor

You must learn to drive under the supervision of a fully trained and licensed driver. If you intend to pay somebody to provide you with these lessons then you must ensure that they are a fully accredited Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Anybody that requests money in exchange for driving lessons, and is not an approved instructor, is breaking the law and should be reported.

Searching For A Driving Instructor

There are a number of ways in which you can find a driving instructor. The Directgov website has a directory of instructors or, alternatively, you can ask friends and family that have recently passed their own test. The website has details of hundreds of instructors based around the UK so that you can find local ADIs that are accredited, licensed, and available to provide the tuition you require.

The Benefits Of Using An ADI

Learning to drive with an official ADI does cost money and, for this reason, some learners attempt to pass without the use of a qualified instructor. It is legal to use a friend or family member, as long as they meet the necessary requirements and you display L plates on your car. However, research has shown that 90% of those that passed their practical test first time they took it had taken instruction from a qualified instructor.

What An ADI Will Teach You

It is important that your instructor teaches you everything that is required to help you pass your test and become a competent and safe driver. They will provide you with books to read or details of appropriate books. They will show you how best to practice the skills you need and will teach you every important element of driving so that you have all of the necessary skills once you reach the big day of your driving test.

Passing Your Tests

The main aim of your instructor is to ensure that you are a competent and safe driver, so that you have the skills to drive on the road with other road users. In order to check that you have these skills you will be required to take a practical test. Upon the successful completion of this test you will be granted your full licence and be able to legally drive on the road. Your instructor will teach you the necessary skills, determine when you are ready for your test, and will support you on the day itself too.

ADI Standards

In order to ensure that all instructors are adequately skilled to teach people to drive, the Driving Standards Authority (DSA)monitors ADIs regularly to ensure that they are appropriately skilled and have retained the same level of skill as they had when becoming a trained instructor. On regular checking of the standard of an instructor they will be given a grade ranging from 4 to 6; 4 means the instructor’s skills are satisfactory, 5 means good, and 6 is the highest possible ranking.

What To Look For In An ADI

Choosing an ADI not only means ensuring that the instructor has a good skill but it also means checking that they have a good reputation. You may be able to check this with online reviews or online testimonials. The instructor should be reliable and punctual to avoid wasting your time on the day of your lesson. They should also use and offer a car that suits your requirements when learning.

Changing Driving Instructor

Different instructors have different teaching methods and, similarly, different drivers have different requirements and respond differently to certain methods of teaching. If you find that your instructor does not provide the type of tuition you require then you can change instructor. It is important that you both get along so that you enjoy a better chance of passing your test at the first attempt. If things become too bad, or you believe that you have a right to complain there are ways in which you can do so.

Complaining About Driving Instructors

It is possible to complain about your instructor if you do not believe they offer an adequate service. Trading Standards and the Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help in these instances. Similarly, you may complain about the attitude of an instructor by emailing or writing directly to the Driving Standards Authority. This is the group that ensure all instructors reach a certain standard and if a complaint is upheld you could prevent others from having to endure the same treatment. If somebody offers you paid instruction but is not able to display the appropriate DSA badge you should inform the DSA straight away because this is an offence.

Motorcycle And Other Vehicle Instructors

There are different requirements for different types of vehicle. To ride a motorcycle or scooter on the roads you will need to take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) test before you can legally ride on the road. If you wish to drive a bus, LGV, HGV, or other large vehicle then you will need to take appropriate instruction and pass the necessary test to attain your licence. Such instruction is not usually provided by car driving instructors.


Learning to drive can open whole new opportunities. It can give you freedom, make many aspects of life easier, and can even improve things for the rest of your family. It is important that you choose a qualified, skilled instructor with a good reputation and that offers the kind of tuition that you respond to. If you do not receive suitable tuition you can complain about your instructor and opt to use a different one.

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