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How Much Is A Driving Test?

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In order to become a fully licensed driver you need to pass both a theory and practical test. Both sections cost money and as well as paying the test fee you may also need to pay for your instructor’s time so that you can use their car and so that they can attend the test with you. Furthermore, if you have previously been disqualified from driving then you will need an extended test and this will cost you more. Additional charges may also be required for other types of tests and special circumstances.

The Theory Test

The theory test consists of a multiple choice examination and hazard perception. Although the two tests must be taken together and both need to be passed at the same time, if you fail one part of the test this means a fail overall and so you will need to sit, and therefore pay for the whole of the test again. There are different tests depending on the type of vehicle that you will be driving or riding once you pass.

Theory Test Cost

For car and motorcycle tests the cost is £31. For larger vehicles, like buses and coaches, there are three separate charges. The multiple choice section costs £35 while the hazard perception cost is £15 and the driver CPC theory test case studies cost £30.

The Practical Test

As well as a theory test it is necessary to complete a practical test, regardless of the type of vehicle that you will be driving. During this test, the examiner will ensure that you are safe to drive and that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to drive without supervision. The modern practical test is longer than before and will take around three quarters of an hour to complete which includes a short eyesight test and ten minutes of independent driving.

Practical Test Costs

The practical test costs do vary depending on the type of vehicle and in some special circumstances. During the week you will have to pay £62 for a car test and £75 if you wish to take your test at a weekend. The same costs also apply for tractors and specialist vehicles. For motorcycle tests there are two elements and the total cost is £90.50 during the week or £104 at weekends. Bus, coach and lorry tests cost £170 during the week and £204 at the weekend. A car and trailer test will cost £115 or £141 during the week or weekend respectively.

Retests And Other Tests

If you fail your test and are required to retake it in order to try and pass you will have to pay the fee again. You do not receive a reduction in price whether it is your first or your fifth attempt. If you have served a disqualification and need to take an extended retest before you are allowed to drive on the road again then this will cost you £124 during the week or £150 at weekends for a car test, and £165.50 and £192.50 for week and weekday motorcycle tests respectively. Other fees may apply if you are looking to take your driving instructor test or your taxi driving test.

Booking Your Test

When booking your test you should go through the Directgov website directly. There are a number of other third party websites that offer a booking service and while some do not do anything illegal you may find that you lose your booking fee without being given a genuine test date. Booking directly via the DSA website means that you do not have to run this risk and you can be sure you are booking a genuine test at genuine prices. If you have used such a site or service you may be able to cancel and book through official channels.

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