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There are many elements to consider when choosing the driving school that you intend to use. You should make sure that they are available where and when you need them; that they offer the type of lessons you require; and you must ensure that they are approved by the Driving Standards Authority to give lessons, otherwise they are not legally entitled to take payment in exchange for your lessons. There are, of course, many other factors that will help you choose the most appropriate driving school for your requirements, your circumstances, and your needs.

DSA Approved

It is against the law for anybody in the UK to offer paid driving tuition unless they are approved by the Driving Standards Authority. If somebody tries to charge and are not approved, or are not in the process of training to become approved, then you should report them to the DSA and should definitely not take the lessons that were offered to you. The DSA monitor tuition levels and ensure that all of their instructors offer at least a good level of tuition to their pupils. Ask to see a DSA badge before you start your first lesson.

Pass Rates And Success

You should also consider how effective the school and its instructors are. One of the easiest ways to check this is to ask for the pass rates and success rates of their pupils. The higher the pass rate the better but you may also want to check that they do not have any hidden requirements about taking the test. You will want to pass quickly while still ensuring that you are a safe and competent driver in the process.

Skills And DSA Rating

Another method of checking the skills and competence of an instructor is to look at their DSA rating. The Driving Standards Authority not only judge whether an instructor is able to adequately teach pupils but they also grade them according to their skills and performance. 4 and above is considered a pass and means that the instructor is approved with 6 being the best possible score and representing an instructor that is very good at teaching.


Unfortunately, the decision of which driving school to go with will often come down, at least partially, to cost. In a lot of cases it will be necessary to have between 40 and 50 lessons so a difference of just £2 in cost means a total difference of £100. However, if the cheaper lessons require that you take 10 more lessons before you are able to pass then this could end up costing you considerably more than you stood to save. The cheapest is not necessarily always the best value for money so do consider more than just the final price per lesson.

Offers And Introductory Lessons

In some cases you may be able to save money by taking advantage of any offers the driving school is running. For example, you may be able to enjoy a free introductory lesson or receive a decent discount if you bulk order blocks of 10 or 20 lessons at a time.

Specialist Lessons

If you want to learn to drive in an automatic or you require the use of a modified car because of a disability then you should ensure that the driving school you are considering has the car available that you will need during your lessons. Ask before you book in order to avoid disappointment and if you are unsure whether or not you do have special requirements then talk it through with the school because they should have a better idea of this than you will.

The Car

Consider the quality, size, style, and features of the car. Generally, tuition cars are reasonably small because they are easier to handle, attract lower running costs, and are a more realistic representation of the type of car that most people will buy or drive when they do pass their test. Ensure that the car you will learn in is relatively new and in good condition, and that all elements of the car work as they are meant to.


Some people prefer to learn with a female instructor while others may require an instructor that speaks a specific language. Furthermore, it may be necessary to have your lessons at night or during the weekend and not all driving schools offer lessons at these times. If you do require such lessons then you should discuss this with your driving school to ensure that it is at least a possibility.

Choosing A Driving School

Choose the right driving school and you will enjoy great quality lessons that improve your chances of success. You won’t have to pay more than is necessary and you should find that you are behind the wheel of your own car as soon as possible.

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