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Driving Lessons

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Driving lessons can open up a whole new world of independence; a world where you don’t need to
ask for lifts and you don’t need to rely on others or hope that public transport is running reliably.
Before you can start your lessons you will need to have a provisional licence but you do not have
to have passed your theory test before starting to drive. Assuming you meet these criteria you can
then choose an approved instructor, prepare for your first lesson, and start to work towards your
practical driving test. Alternatively, you can take an intensive driving course which means that you
could be driving on the road in just a few weeks.

What You Need

Before you can start practical driving lessons on the road you must be aged 17 or older and have
a provisional UK driving licence that entitles you to drive the type of vehicle that you are to take
lessons in. A good instructor will check that you have all of this before you start your first lesson.

Using An Approved Instructor

Approved Driving Instructors, or ADIs, have been approved by the Driving Standards Authority and
are the only people that are legally allowed to charge to give you driving lessons. This is done in a bid
to protect you and other road uses because the DSA ensure that instructors meet required standards
before they are allowed to teach. You can also ask a family member or friend to provide you with
additional driving practice between lessons.

Choosing An Instructor Or Driving School

Choosing the right instructor or driving school is important. In most cases you should expect to take
40 lessons or more before you pass your test which means that you will be spending a lot of time
with your instructor and you will need to get along and find their methods beneficial otherwise you
will struggle to learn anything useful at all.

Your First Lesson

You will be asked to produce your driving licence and your instructor will ask you to read a number
plate on a parked car to help ensure that you have good enough eyesight to be able to drive.
Typically, you will be introduced to the various controls on a quiet road although your instructor may
choose another suitable location. You may then move on to learn how to move off and how to stop
the vehicle.

What You Will Learn

There are many skills that you need to learn in order to be able to pass your test. You will be taught
how to handle and control your vehicle and the skills that you will need specifically on the day of
your test. You will also be given instruction on the safe use of the road and even your car.

Preparation For Your Test

Once you have picked up the basics, your lessons will start to be geared more towards the test
elements that are required to help you gain your full driving licence. Such elements include
controlling your car in reverse and also the element that is known as independent driving. You
should take lessons at different times of the day and in different road conditions to help ensure that
you will be able to drive equally well in any conditions once you have passed your test.

Your Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are not meant to catch you out or make your life difficult but they are meant to teach
you how to be a safe and reliable road user. They should teach you the basics of driving and the
skills that you will need not only to pass your test but to go on and become safe, considerate, and
independent road user.

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