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Potential Driving Instructors

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Potential driving instructors can earn a sizeable and attractive salary by helping to teach others to drive, providing them with the skills necessary to pass their driving test, and offering them assistance in developing the additional skills that will be needed to become a competent and confident driver following the test. You should have held your own full UK driving licence for at least three years and, to enjoy the best results, you should be prepared to be flexible with your working hours and prepared to effectively work for yourself.

An Interest In Driving And Teaching

You should obviously have a keen interest in driving although potential driving instructors should be as passionate about teaching others as they are about driving the car themselves. You should also be equally patient and prepared to work with those that have some experience as you are with complete beginners. You will usually have a portfolio of learner drivers that vary in their experience and skill level so you will have some drivers with no knowledge whatsoever and some that are nearly ready to take their test.

The Car

You don’t necessarily need to have your own car especially if you take your tuition through a company or driving school that guarantees you a position once you have completed the examinations. This way, you will receive access to a car and you will usually also be given leads and a number of your own pupils. This way, as soon as you pass your examination you start earning so that you will be able to quickly recoup the cost of training and start bringing in a handsome salary for your troubles.

Go It Alone

You may prefer to go it alone once you have qualified and, in some cases, this will be an option. This means that you will use your own car, develop your own leads, and create your own portfolio of students. All the money you earn, this way, will be yours but a lot of people prefer the affiliation of a larger company especially at the beginning when it gives the fall back and buffer of guaranteed students for your course. Some of the companies that offer this kind of deal heave details of thousands of learner drivers across your region.

Be Flexible

Do be as flexible as possible because this will help you ensure that you are the most appealing instructor available. Some people will want lessons at night, some may prefer them before work, and many will want them to coincide with the end of the school day. By extending your typical working day even by an hour or two you can greatly increase the number of potential students you have that are willing to part with their hard earned cash and take lessons with you.

Qualification And Accreditation

You obviously need to ensure that you get the appropriate qualifications and bear in mind that if you are not accredited and approved then you cannot legally charge for providing your services. You should display your badge in the car so that your passengers can quickly check that you are accredited and if you are asked to provide your badge then don’t take it personally but do provide the information you are asked for.

Potential Driving Instructors

Many potential driving instructors undertake formal training for this career because it offers great potential to earn a decent living. You can pass your test with any of a number of driving instructor schools across the country and not only do some offer a guaranteed position but you may also receive your instructor’s car so that you can really hit the ground running and take your first pupils out for their first lessons.

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