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Driving Instructor Training

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Ever wondered how do you become a Driving Instructor?

In order for a driving instructor to be able to charge a fee to teach others to drive in the UK they must be Driving Standards Authority approved. Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor does take time and effort and while there are potentially good wages and working conditions to be had at the end of the course it will take some time and effort before you can realistically reach the £30,000 to £40,000 figures that are often mooted on TV. With that said, you can enjoy independence and by setting up your own business it is possible to earn this amount in time.

Approved Driving Instructors

To teach others how to drive and receive financial remuneration for your efforts you legally must become an Approved Driving Instructor, or ADI. This means taking and passing the required tests so that you receive your ADI approved badge to display to potential students. If you are caught giving lessons and charging for them without having become approved first you could face a hefty penalty and a possible prison sentence.

The Benefits Of Becoming An Instructor

Many of us have seen the adverts that boast £30,000 per annum salaries and while these figures are certainly very achievable it can take a few years to build up to this level. Initially you should expect to earn around £20,000 to £25,000 although the actual figure will be dependent on a number of factors. Your earnings will be calculated by the amount you take from your clients minus costs. Costs include the cost of your car and petrol, insurance, and travelling between clients and you must take these into account when you are calculating your annual earnings.


Some training companies offer to take you on once you have passed through them and this can be a beneficial way of gaining the experience you need. You will receive your own instructor’s car and you will usually be given leads or presented with new clients by the company that is effectively sponsoring your driving instructor training. This can make your life a lot easier and you will still enjoy some degree of freedom. In time, though, you may decide to go independent because this is where the bigger money tends to lie. You will need a good reputation so that you can earn the big money.

Your Working Week

Your working week will consist of driving from one lesson to another and teaching multiple students that are at various different levels of their driver training. You will have to be able to teach people that never set foot inside a car before as well as those that are ready for their test but need a few final pointers. In some cases you will also be required to sit in on a test so that you can monitor what the driver has done wrong and what they have done well.

What You Need

You need to hold a full UK licence to become a qualified instructor and you will also need to apply to the Driving Standards Authority before training and, ultimately, taking your driving instructor examination. Once you have done all of this you will be able to take on your own learner drivers and help steer them towards their driving test and helping them to acquire their full licence so that they can drive on the roads. You can even apply to become a Pass Plus instructor and offer further education to those drivers that have passed their test already.

Applying To Become An Instructor

Prior to training you will need to have a criminal record check completed. Once this is done you can apply to the DSA either online, which is considered the easiest way, or by post. You will need to show that you are a fit and proper person which means that the ADI registrar will consider whether you have any speeding offences or motoring convictions and the state of your criminal record too. Your application will usually be considered within ten working days so you should have a response within a fortnight from your original application.

The Instructor Tests

There are three parts to the instructor tests and you will have three attempts at each. If you fail a particular stage three times then you will have to wait two years before you are allowed to try again. The first stage is the theory stage which is essentially like a longer and harder version of the theory test that drivers have to take. Stage two is the driving ability stage. Again, this is similar to the one taken by all drivers except it is much longer and will test all aspects of your driving technique. The final stage is the instructional ability test which basically ensures that you have the ability to teach others to drive.

Costs And Training Details

Once your application to start the training process has been accepted you should consider looking for driver instructor training to help ensure that you have all of the information and knowledge that will be required to help you pass all three elements of the test. Consider that most people that fail, do so on stage 2 of the test which is aimed at testing your driving ability and technique. Before choosing an instructor take a look at the DSA grade they have achieved, determine the success rate they have, and consider factors such as how much their training costs and the actual level of support they will give you.

Driving Instructor Training

Becoming a driving instructor is not everybody’s idea of the perfect job but it does offer a decent salary with great potential to earn more. It also enables you to help people achieve something that they usually are desperate to achieve. It will take time and effort to pass your instructor training and you should consider using a professional instructor to help you train as an instructor yourself because they will be able to guide you effectively and efficiently right through the process.

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