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Dash CCTV Camera’s suitable for Driving Instructor cars

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Mobius HD 1080P Action Camera, Video and Audio RecorderWith modern technology you can now purchase extremely good value high density CCTV recorders to add to a vehicle dash/windscreen to record the view ahead.

Road users like HGV haulage companies and bus companies are using this technology more, especially as many have been victims of bogus insurance claims.  It is also known to remind the driver of the vehicle they are been recorded and can improve the standard of driving.

With ADI vehicles becoming the target for impatient drivers through bad driving and road rage incidents, what are your thoughts of using such technology?

Here are some links directly to suitable devices on


There devices are around £50 for the basic models, however there true value to a driving instructor could be priceless.

We recommend the Mobius HD 1080P Action Camera, Video and Audio Recorder, which is the size of a match box with excellent HD recording capability.  You can check out the reviews here

What do you think, comment below?

One Response

  1. David says:

    I have been using in car CCTV for the last 2 years, it’s invaluable, not only for recording incidents but for training. Whenever a learner has a problem understanding something like a complex roundabout it’s far better to video yourself driving round it and play it back to the learner when parked up at the side of the road.

    If you are thinking of getting one I use a Blackvue DG300. It logs position (GPS) on a map as well as the speed of the car, saves any argument if someone says you did this or that. I am looking to put a 2 camera system in my car as soon as the new HD version becomes available.
    Cheers David

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