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Choosing A Driving Instructor

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How to choose A Driving Instructor

Attaining a driving licence can make a big difference to a person’s life. Not only does it grant greater freedom and negate the need to rely on others for lifts but it can open up new career prospects and provide you with an affordable means of getting around. In order to give you the greatest chance of successfully passing your driving test, you should use an approved driving instructor because they will be able to give you the skills and knowledge required to help you pass your test.

What Is An Approved Driving Instructor?

An approved driving instructor is a professional instructor that has been approved by the Driving Standards Agency as being allowed to provide driving instruction and taking a fee for doing so. The instructor must be registered with the DSA and must have met certain, ongoing requirements in order to be able to offer paid instruction to you or any other learner drivers.

The Importance Of A Professional Instructor

Using a professional instructor will improve your chances of successfully passing your driving test. In fact, figures show that 9 out of 10 people that passed first time used an approved driving instructor to help. It is possible to use a friend or family member that meets certain requirements but they are unlikely to be the best equipped to teach you everything you need to know to be able to pass your test.

The Driving Standards Agency Role

The Driving Standards Agency plays an integral role in managing instructors and ensuring a high quality service is provided to all learners. They not only test and license instructors initially but continue to monitor the performance of every instructor within their database. Using an approved instructor means that you are guaranteed an instructor with adequate skills to be able to help you.

Ensuring An Instructor Is Approved

You should ensure that an instructor is approved first before you start lessons with them. Asking for payment for lessons is only legal if that person is DSA approved. Some trainee instructors are also permitted to take lessons in order to give them the experience that is required to be an able and skilled instructor following their education. Look for a green or pink DSA badge and, if you don’t see one in the car, ask your instructor to show you.  Green means they are an approved driving instructor, pink means they are a trainee.

Checking Their Standard

As well as providing badges, the DSA also grade instructors according to their skills. In order to attain or retain approval from the DSA, an instructor must receive a rating of 4 or above. 6 is considered the highest and best rating while 5 means that the instructor is very good and 4 means that they are satisfactory. You can consider this one of the factors that might mean you lean towards a particular driving instructor.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Instructor

As well as the rating of an instructor there are other factors to consider. You should ensure that you get along with your instructor and that you can work with their training techniques. Not every instructor uses the same training methods and not all methods will work for you. Also consider availability, reliability, and reputation to help ensure that you choose the best instructor for your lessons.

Choosing A Driving Instructor

Your approved driving instructor, or ADI, is the person that will help teach you everything you need to know in order to be able to safely drive on the roads and navigate through your practical test. You should ensure that you choose the best available to work with, because this will help give you a better chance of passing first time.

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