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Online Driving Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training for £12 (was £189)

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beautiful women L platesGet prepared for both parts of your theory test with today’s automotive offer from Theory Test Pass. Practice questions devised from the DVSA for your driving theory and hazard perception tests, and work on boosting your confidence for the real thing. You’ll be able to choose between practice topics, mock tests or hazard perception, and the course is mobile friendly so you can take your studies on the go. Get a step closer to securing your licence with today’s handy offer.

Driving Test Reform Is Announced

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In June of this year, Minister Attwood announced a monumental change of how driving tests are done in the United Kingdom. In the past driving instructors guided the driver and told them exactly what to do. With this change though, all driving instructors just tell the individual doing the test where to go and let them do the rest. The main objective of this change is to see if the driver can drive in a safe manner while not depending on others to tell them what they should do. This gives the driver more freedom on the road and gives an insight into how the person would drive if they were alone in the car. This is the biggest single change related to driving tests ever since driving tests began over fifty years ago. read more

Halfords To Start Offering Driving Tests

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In a radical new move, the Driving Standards Agency has selected Halfords as a new driving test partner which means that tests will be offered from 21 different Halfords stores across the country. The scheme is a pilot of sorts and it seems likely that if it is deemed successful then more shops and more locations will be offering a similar sort of service. Halfords will not charge the DSA any money to use their sites and tests will still be carried out by DSA examiners, rather than by Halfords employees. read more

Drivers Fear Retest

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I don’t think anybody likes doing tests, no matter how important that they are. But when so many British people believe that they would fail their driving test if they were to sit it again, it’s quite worrying. Now here is the interesting part, when I mention “British people” you might be thinking that I’m talking about normal people, including the many people that don’t drive. But, I’m not. I’m talking about people that have already passed their driving tests and are out on our roads today. When I first heard that around 70% of people who are driving at the moment in the UK don’t believe that they have the driving skills needed behind the wheel, I just couldn’t believe it. read more