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Smoking in vehicles: new rules from 1 October 2015

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From 1 October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a vehicle with anyone under 18 present.
The new law will apply in England and Wales.

Both the driver and the smoker could be fined £50. The law applies to every driver, including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence.

The law does not apply if the driver is 17 years old and is on their own in the car.

The law is changing to protect children and young people from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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Police welcome the new Roadside Drug testing kit

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roadside drug testNew laws come into force today, Monday 2nd March allowing police to use a roadside kit to test anyone suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

The ‘Drug Wipe’ kit (pictured) will indicate if the person has been under the influence of cocaine or cannabis, or a prescribed drug which may contain traces of either of the above.

Using the device means that it’s easier and quicker for officers to test someone and get the result.

A new law to make it easier for police to catch and convict drug drivers took effect today in England and Wales.

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police drug testing law change

A new law to make it easier for police to catch and convict drug drivers took effect today in England and Wales.

Motorists who get behind the wheel after taking illegal drugs face a criminal record, loss of their licence for at least a year and a fine of up to £5000. The legislation makes it illegal to drive with certain drugs in the body above specified levels, including 8 illegal drugs and 8 prescription drugs. People using prescription drugs within recommended amounts will not be penalised. read more

Driving Licence Codes

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Driving Licence Codes are detailed below

The codes and their meanings are as follows:

01 – eyesight correction
02 – hearing/communication aid
10 – modified transmission
15 – modified clutch
20 – modified braking systems

Road Users Asked To Consider Advanced Stop Lines By Police

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rule 178Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and partners are raising awareness of the rules around advanced stop lines (ASLs) at traffic lights.
The work forms part of Operation Considerate, GMP’s ongoing campaign to encourage all road users to show each other consideration.
ASLs are designed to help motorists and cyclists by providing an area for cyclists to wait in front of traffic when the lights are red.
Cyclists in this area are more easily visible to motorists, and have space to move off when the lights turn green. read more

Dangerous Driving Instructors To Be Given Instant Axe

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The role of driving instructors to help combat road fatalities and to improve the driving standards of everybody that takes to British roads. Much emphasis has been placed on the quality or young drivers, especially as it has emerged according to recent figures that road fatalities are now the biggest killed of 16-24 year olds in this country. Among proposed changes is a complete review of driver instruction methods and the ability to immediately suspend driving instructors that are considered to be a danger to the public thanks to unacceptably low training standards. read more

Drivers Fear Retest

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I don’t think anybody likes doing tests, no matter how important that they are. But when so many British people believe that they would fail their driving test if they were to sit it again, it’s quite worrying. Now here is the interesting part, when I mention “British people” you might be thinking that I’m talking about normal people, including the many people that don’t drive. But, I’m not. I’m talking about people that have already passed their driving tests and are out on our roads today. When I first heard that around 70% of people who are driving at the moment in the UK don’t believe that they have the driving skills needed behind the wheel, I just couldn’t believe it. read more