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Advertising Your Driving School

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With the internet becoming more popular each and every day, it’s not a good idea not to put your company online. If you haven’t already, this site gives you the perfect opportunity to start. There has never been another industry that has grown so quickly over a short amount of time, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. With more and more people becoming unemployed due to the worldwide economic downturn, there’s more people searching for jobs from their own home. And since smartphones such as the iPhone can access the internet even if the person doesn’t have an internet connection at home, it’s very silly not to have a presence online if you own a business or company. read more

Approved Driving Instructors

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Becoming an approved driving instructor seems like a great job to all sorts of people around the UK. There’s so many benefits associated with this job, one of the most popular being that you can chose your own hours. Some people don’t like being told what to do as well, and as an approved driving instructor, you will never be bossed around by anybody else, instead you will have total control of what you do and when you do it. It’s also a very social job, some of us like mixing with others and meeting all types of people. Becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI) usually provides a quite good and regular income as there will also be people looking to learn how to drive. So, if you think that this job sounds like something you may be interested in, read how you should approach becoming an ADI. read more

Car Insurance For Driving Instructors

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Everybody knows that we all need car insurance if you want to drive on any road around the UK. And it’s also essential for people that have jobs that are road related such as driving instructors to take out car insurance, and because they are on road more often that others, it’s clear that they will pay a higher premium than others. Driving instructors have the responsibility of looking after the person who is driving the car, and it’s common that these people aren’t the best drivers around. After all, they are paying the driving instructor to have the opportunity to learn from someone with more experience than they have driving. Every driving instructor needs to consider how much car insurance they need to take out and this will depend on a number of things, one of which is how many drivers you expect to teach and hour many hours you will be on the road. read more

How Much Do Driving Instructors Earn

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This is a “how long is a piece of string” type of question to be honest. The amount of money that a driving instructor depends on many factors, too many to mention. Some people say that you can make in or around £35,000 each year after most expenses such as fuel, car repairs and so on are accounted for. It’s like all other jobs if you are self employed, in most cases the more work that you put into something, the more return that you will get in the future. I personally think that people being so interested in the money a job offers isn’t a good way to look at it, you should want a job because you have a passion for it, not because it’s a high paying job. It’s better to be in a job that you enjoy and get little pay, than being in a job that you hate and get paid a lot. read more

Trainee Driving Instructor Law Review

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Within the last month or so, the British government has said that it’s going to take a look at how the current system of trainee driving instructor training is being done. This is as a result of many people saying that learner drivers have a higher chance of failing there driving tests if they aren’t trained by fully qualified driving instructors. Many associations including the DIA believe that trainees aren’t being taught in the correct manner and because of this it’s having a massive effect on learner drivers. However, not everyone thinks that the pink licence licence is the correct path to go down at this time. You must do a number of things to get your pink licence such as passing several tests including a practical and a theory test. read more