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Advanced Driving Course

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An advanced driving course can be a beneficial way of improving your driving skills, making you a safer road user, and even of reducing many of the costs of motoring that you will have to endure. The most popular and arguably the most beneficial of the available courses is the Pass Plus test which is available to new drivers within a year of passing their practical test. This can give new drivers access to improve insurance premiums while giving them the confidence that only really comes from experience of driving in a variety of different conditions.

Advanced Driving

Advanced driving is all about awareness and it will provide different benefits to different people. In some cases, it may mean driving faster while in others it may mean driving slower but it will always mean driving more safely and considerately. We face many different road conditions and driving conditions every single day; an advanced driving course can help us to be able to meet any such conditions head on without fear and while always ensuring that we are a safe road user.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a scheme that has been set up to benefit new drivers. It is especially popular with younger drivers who have only recently passed their driving test. Statistically, these are the drivers that are most likely to cause accidents or be involved in them and they are the least likely to be able to get insurance on a car. Pass Plus is a way of identifying that a new driver is skilled and able to drive in any road conditions which gives insurance companies greater confidence in offering them reasonable insurance products.

Improve The Way You Drive

The obvious benefit of an advanced driving course is that it offers to improve your driving skills. When you take your first driving lessons you learn the very basics of driving and as you progress through to your test you will learn more of the skills that are required while on the road. However, it is only through your advanced driving course that you will really pick up the finer points of safe, economical, and skilled driving and hazard awareness.

Save Money

You will essentially be taught to brake less and accelerate better. You will change gear fewer times and make other decisions that naturally lend themselves to more economical driving. Believe it or not, by taking an advanced driving course or defensive driving course, you could save yourself money at the pump. You will also be less likely to cause an accident which means that your no claims bonus will last longer and you will save money on your insurance in the long run.

Gain Confidence

Especially in the case of the Pass Plus scheme one of the biggest benefits to an advanced driving course is that it will give you much greater confidence when you are out on the road. You will have the confidence that is required to take on many different driving conditions and you will be able to do so without fear of the outcome. You will know when it is best to hang back and when it is safe to overtake. You will recognise hazards sooner and be able to act on them in plenty of time.

Advanced Driving Courses

An advanced driving course allows you to further progress your driving skills making you a safer and better road user. While it is no guarantee of safety and offers no guarantee of saving money, the chances are very good that you will be able to enjoy these benefits once you have completed your advanced driving course.

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