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Choosing A Driving Instructor

A girl with car key and learner platesChoosing the right driving instructor can help you to pass your driving test quickly and effectively, and it can also ensure that you are a safe and confident driver when you do hit the streets. You should ensure that driving instructors are fully qualified, have a good and reliable car, and that they are able to meet your requirements in terms of lesson time. You may also want to choose a male or female instructor, a multilingual instructor, or one that specialises in intensive courses to help you pass even quicker.

All driving instructors should be fully certified and accredited, and willing to show you the appropriate paperwork to prove this is the case. It is certainly worth checking, though, because instructor insurance depends on these qualifications and if you have an accident then you might find your instructor is not covered and you may be liable. Using a qualified instructor also means that they have a greater understanding of what is required to pass your test and get your licence.

If you have any specialist requirements then you should look for driving instructors that meet these requirements. A lot of women prefer to have a female driving instructor and if English isn’t your first language then you are likely to be more comfortable if your instructor is fluent in a language you understand. There are instructors that specialise in automatics, too. Whatever preferences you have, you will be able to find driving instructors that meet them.

Short courses, which are also known as intensive courses and the rather unfortunately named crash courses, offer a way to get out on the road in your own car as quickly as possible. These courses can last just a few days and culminate in you taking your driving test at the end of this period. Within a week you could take your test and be rewarded with your full licence. Not all driving instructors offer this and not all are skilled at such intensive training.

Driving instructors will help you learn the skills that are required to pass your driving test, acquire a full driving licence, and become a confident and competent driver. There are many instructors to choose from across the country but you should ensure that you choose an instructor that you are happy and confident with. Also consider the quality and style of car that you will be driving to ensure that you will be fully equipped to drive during your test and after it.

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